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Problems Holding Back Your Success

1) Sales teams under performing

2) Losing out on potential sales

3) Not capitalizing on the opportunities

4) Confidence at an all time low

5) Not sure when the truth is being told


Look No Further

After 20 years in the art of Mentalism, Ryan is regarded as one of the best thinkers and performers of Mentalism in the World! He has used his skills to consult and perform on tv shows on NBC, the CW, Tru Tv, the Syfy Network, the Space Network, and Yes TV. "Changing Mindsets to Breakthrough Revenue Goals" will go through some of the secrets Ryan has used to get more information from people without asking them any questions and will also look at how to read people and sales situations. The knowledge your team will gain from this will give them a whole new confidence never imagined to bring in more sales and better understand consumers.




Acquiring Information
Without Asking Questions


The first section of this will focus on what I call the “Doubling Principal.” This technique will help whether you're involved in negotiations, dealing with employees or speaking to clients. It is an all around communications technique for getting more information from people when it is needed. The second half of this looks at what I call “titling talks.” When paired with the “Doubling Principal” the information floodgates of conversation will be opened! All without asking any questions! These two techniques will help you understand your customer better and in turn give you the leading hand when closing a deal.

Non Verbal & Body Language

How are you standing, where are you looking, what are you doing with your hands and what are you portraying with your look. It all tells us what your brain is actually doing at that exact second! This talk will look at how to pick up on other peoples body language and also how to correct your own so that you have better results in every situation. Also you will learn key Mentalism skills to tell when someone is lying! 





Hyper Sensitivity
Creating Lifelong Customers

The first half of this will look at life experiences where the details not seen by others catapulted my career to new heights never before imagined! It will focus on how you doing these little steps will help develop your relationships with customers into life long business friends! The second half will look at the work place through the eyes of a Mentalist and training your team to do the same! Ultimately creating a better experience for everyone around them whether its employees or clients.

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