Toronto Mentalist Ryan Edwards
Canada's Top Mentalist Ryan Edwards
Canada's Top Mentalist Ryan Edwards
Canada's Top Mentalist Ryan Edwards
Canada's Top Mentalist Ryan Edwards
Canada's Top Mentalist Ryan Edwards




This is a 45-90 minute close up style magic show featuring mind blowing sleight of hand, audience participation, AND I’m going to be teaching everyone 1-3 magic tricks that everyone can follow along with from the comfort of their home too! They'll learn to baffle their friends and family when were all back together! 


Who am I?

My name is Ryan Edwards and I travel all over the world performing an interactive mentalism/magic show. I’ve also performed and consulted on some of the biggest tv shows around the globe such as America’s Got Talent, Penn & Teller Fool Us, and Wizard Wars. However, most of my shows are performed for corporate companies and private clubs. 


Below is a simple Q&A that should answer most of your questions.

Feel free to contact me through my site, email (, or text/call my cell 905.515.5171 


Q - How long is the Show ?

A - There are different options ranging from 45-90Minutes 


Q - How does this all work? 

A - I have high quality video equipment as well as super fast internet, so I will send you a special ZOOM link that you share with your 

members that would like to come watch! 


Q - How many people can join?

A - I have an upgraded ZOOM account that can allow up to 1000 “participants” 


Q - Is the show kid friendly?

A- Yes 


Q- What dates and times do you have available? 

A- That varies, please reach out to see what’s available 


Q - What types of payment do you accept? 

A - I send invoices through my site so I can accepts checks, credit cards, or bank transfers…What ever is easiest for you. 


Q - Do you have any promo materials we can use to promote the show? 

A - Yes! We will send you a package of posters for all media types and also a couple recent tv appearances. 


Q - Do you have a write up that we can use to promote the show? 

A - See below 


Introduction to the show/Description for your attendees 


Regarded as one of the best thinkers and performers of Magic and Mentalism in the World! He has used his skills to consult and/or perform on tv shows on Yes Tv, the Syfy Network, the Space Network, Tru Tv, the CW and CHCH. 

Mentalist Ryan Edwards is coming to us live, virtually, for a private show for us!  

He’s going to be doing mind blowing close up style magic as well as teaching a couple tricks you can learn to freak out your friends and family! 

Join us (insert date and time) for this fun and special show!