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Growing up Ryan knew that he wasn't like most children, but the true extent of these differences weren't yet clear. He knew that he struggled in some places where others didn't. As a student with ADD, he was frustrated with the feeling of being behind his fellow classmates, but there were other areas where he excelled. Even early on, before his love of magic truly blossomed, he felt like he could read people better than most, and that was where his interest in magic began. 

Ryan's brain had always worked differently, and growing up he was able to watch the world's top performers and break down how their illusions and demonstrations were done! When he couldn't, he learned. He craved understanding and worked hard to improve at his craft. He combined that passion with his ability to read people and started performing his own style of magic and mentalism. Now, after 20 years in the art, Ryan is regarded as one of the best thinkers and performers of Magic and Mentalism in the World! He has used his skills to consult and/or perform on tv shows on NBC, the CW, Tru Tv, the Syfy Network, the Space Network, Yes TV and CHCH. 


Ryan's biggest supporter and the catalyst for his growth, whether it was learning to read and write or practicing the skills needed to dumbfound the brightest of minds on earth, was his Dad. Unfortunately, he passed away before Ryan was ever able step foot on stage to perform for thousands of people. Ryan now dedicates every engagement whether it's speaking or performing to the man who was instrumental in making his dreams come true.

About Ryan.


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