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Ryan has consulted or been on THE FOLLOWING shows:


Types of shows 


Ryan offers a wide variety of shows to make any event you're hosting the best event ever! Whether you're looking for a full production stage show or looking for some entertainment during your cocktail hour Ryan has it covered. Below is a list of the options which he has available and all are 100% customizable to fit your event in the best possible way. Once you have decided on one of the options head over to the contact page to let Ryan know exactly what you need to make your next event the best event ever!



You’ve heard it said that we only use 10% of our brain? Ryan Edwards has figured out how to unleash the power of the other 90%. Our brains are said to be human CPUs.  They carry out our instructions by performing complex arithmetics, logistics, and controlled input and output functions in a matter of seconds. But what else can our brains do!? Can we control every beat of our hearts, electronics, or the invisible sound waves around us? Limitless is the story of how Ryan uses his brain in ways most don't know are possible. 



Since a major accident 15 years ago, Ryan has been having dreams that tend to be out of the ordinary. Deja Vu isn't a show as much as it's a social experiment. Ryan tries to prove that what happens on stage - no matter what questions he asks or how much free-will the audience thinks they have - they don't, because Ryan had a vivid dream of the show 9 weeks ago... Are you ready to witness the Mentalism Magic Show that will bend your mind and leave you asking the question... how'd he do that?!

Close Up Magic


Perfect for Cocktail Hours, Wedding and Smaller Parties. It is the most intimate style of magic there is. No matter what your event is Ryan will have your guests raving over the entertainment as he wows them with his sleight of hand right in front of their faces, and sometimes even in their own hands! He will have your guests questioning what is real and what is really possible with everyday objects.


WHAT peopLe are saying

"I had the joy of seeing the Ryan Edwards show for a community fundraiser. Ryan promised the community a show they would never forget and Ryan Edwards truly delivered that! A couple of my friends at the event included a Google employee, University Professor and a Robotics Engineer. Who were all caught in moments of WHAAAAAT!? How did he do that?! Ryans show is 100% family friendly. Ryan’s show includes lots of audience participation, comedy and storytelling. You will be leaving asking yourself how did he do that!"

-Angie Hallman, Community Event Planner

-Bob Cowan

"Ryan put on an INCREDIBLE performance. He was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, and all our clients LOVED HIM"

-Paul Dishke, RE/MAX 

“Ryan Edwards is the real deal! His performance is enhanced by his storytelling and delivered with humour. His mentalism show left our guests scratching their heads trying to figure out how he does what he does for weeks after his show. We’ll certainly be having Ryan back in the near future.”
- Scott Steckly, 22 Racing team owner and four-times Canadian NASCAR Series Champion www.22racing.ca

"Ryan Edwards is a disciplined and gifted performer. He consistently leaves his audiences bewildered by his illusions and mentalism. His use of storytelling brings meaning to his shows and makes them a memorable and powerful experience. Ryan is a master mentalist!"

-Jeremy Major, CEO the Zoetic

"We were MIND BLOWN to say the least!

Each week you FOOLED US!

And you were Incredible Easy and Professional to Work With"

-Jon Oleksiuk, Director Most Requested 





As a child, Ryan was always fascinated by the art of magic. However, he wasn't like most children watching magic as he was able to breakdown exactly how the effects were done instantly!


He then took those talents and started performing his own style of magic. Now, after 20 years in the art, Ryan is regarded as one of the best thinkers and performers of Magic and Mentalism in the World! He has used his skills to consult and/or perform on tv shows on Yes Tv, the Syfy Network, the Space Network, Tru Tv, the CW and CHCH. 


Ryan's main reason for performing mentalism is to bring joy to people around the world! He loves creating that feeling of awe and wonder in people no matter how young or old. He loves seeing that sparkle in the eyes of those who may have forgotten how it felt to question whether something is a trick or true magic.  



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