"You're not just playing with one of our senses, you're playing with all of our senses." 

-Penn & Teller

"Rules of engagement when first meeting Canada's Top Mentalist Ryan Edwards:
1. Your sense of reality will be altered. 2. Clear your mind of any bad thoughts . 3. He will unlock all of your secrets. And 5. You will lose the ability to count."
-Rondell Sheridan
-Comedian, Director, That's So Raven

Ryan is not only Toronto's Top Mentalist, but he is the Top Mentalist in Canada! He has consulted or performed on the following shows & Networks:

Toronto Ontario Canada 

Toronto Mentalism 

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Toronto's Top Mentalism 

Toronto's Top Entertainer 

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Toronto's top mentalist

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Toronto Mentalist 

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Toronto's Top Mentalist
Toronto's Top Mentalist

Toronto Mentalist 

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Toronto's Top Mentalist


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-Bob Cowan, CH Morning Live

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